About ME

Hi, I’m Ami. I am a sophomore student of Keio University in Japan. I lived in Hong Kong and China for 12 years, and I came back to Japan about 4 years ago. I always loved to travel, especially to Asian countries. After coming back to Japan, I often visit places in Japan. The places in Japan that I often visit are Enoshima, Odaiba, and Yokohama. Among those, I love Enoshima the best. I have been to Enoshima a lot and I love it, and I will show you why! I will show you all the attractive and special spots in Enoshima that you would definitely enjoy! In the end, I hope you would all visit and have an awesome, relaxing time in Enoshima!

Now lets have a look at the beautiful marine world in Enoshima Aquarium!

———–go!———> Enoshima Aquarium

*About ME
*Enoshima Aquarium
*Shrines of Romance
*The Sea Candle
*Access to Enoshima 


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