Enoden is the beautiful, old-style train that would bring you the island of Enoshima. Eno-den started about a hundred years ago, but its design still remained as it is, a famous Eno-den’s symbol of yellow and green. Not only the outside design, but the old-style interior of the train would bring you back to the good old Japan just by riding it. What is even greater about Eno-den is that you can see the fascinating view of the astonishing Sho-nan Ocean from the train windows. You can take this train from the other very famous tourist spot, Kamakura. Since Kamakura is very historical and beautiful, I suggest you tour around Kamakura in the morning, and go to Enoshima in the afternoon. Eno-den’s fare is from 190yen to 290yen, depending on the number of stops you ride. It might be a little more expensive than the normal trains (like Odakyu), but it definitely worth trying because it would give you a priceless time even on the way to Enoshima!


Route of the Enoden






Do you want to know other ways to get to Enoshima?

——–go!——> Access to Enoshima 


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*Enoshima Aquarium
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*The Sea Candle
*Access to Enoshima  



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