Enoshima Aquarium

Enoshima Aquarium will fascinate you with a beautiful world of marine life. You will be amazed and gripped by many adorable, mysterious creatures of the ocean. Among them, I want to recommend penguin and jelly-fish the most.

Penguins in Enoshima Aquarium are very cute. You can see them both on the ground and in the water through a magnificent wall of glass. The breeding staff is often there to entertain you by feeding the penguins. They will throw fishes in the air and penguins will fight over them, jumping and pushing others. Since some are very hungry, and some are not so hungry, it is very interesting and entertaining to see how the staff would equally feed the penguins.

Jellyfish are the mysterious boneless creatures that would embrace people with an abiding wonder how they are living. Most of their bodies are transparent and they seem to have nothing but a thin sheet of white see-threw skin. Without any visible organs, veins, or blood that we see in most living things, they beautifully and quietly float around the water. In Enoshima Aquarium, there are many kinds of jellyfish, from the normal yet beautiful and transparent ones to extraordinary ones that you rarely get to see. There are very colorful ones that have colors that you would never expect jellyfishes to have, such as yellow, pink, brown, and purple. There are jellyfish that has what seem to be like girly frills (see photo on the right). You will get an impressive time with new discoveries of jellyfish world. Just looking at these little creatures will make you relax and forget about all the little things in your life that is stressing you! You can spend hours looking at these mysterious jellyfish floating in the water, totally energy-less. But please, move on to next because there are so many other marine creatures that are also highly worthy to look at!


Hours of Operation



New Years Holiday (12/30-1/3)








High school

Middle school & Elementary

Little Child of 3 years and over 3.





*Students need to show their students ID at the ticket office.

*There are often campaigns and ticket discounts! Please check the website.




Address: 2-19-1 Katasekaigan, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan


Tel:  (+81) 466-29-9964




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