Enoshima has gorgeous gourmet that received the blessing of the ocean. From fresh sea-food like Sashimi to delicious grilled sea-food and vegetables. Moreover, there is a Octopus cracker, which you can only eat in Enoshima. I will introduce you two of the most delicious food that you should definitely give it a try!


Shirasu-don is so fresh and delicious that it attracts hundreds of people to come to Enoshima every day.

Shirasu is a colorless fish, which is the young of fishes with white fresh such as sardines, eels, and sweetfishes(ayu). Don(丼) means rice bowl. So Shirasu-don is a rice bowl with fresh shirasu on the top, and you eat it with some soysauce, the symbol of Japanese cuisine.

While Shirasu is eaten in a dried or boiled style in many places in Japan, Enoshima provides a fresh raw Shirasu that is very delicious and addicting. It uses the Shirasu that they just caught from the ocean that morning. I recommend eating the raw Shirasu-don because you don’t often get the chance to eat in other places, but if you do not like to eat raw fish, there are boiled Shirasu-don or many other delicious foods as well!

*There are many restaurants that provide delicious Shirasu-don, so you should be able to find one very easily!



Octopus Cracker

It might be shocking at first. They will place the fresh, raw octopus into a hot iron plate and squash them so hard that it becomes one sheet of Octopus Cracker. You can hear the sound of octopus being burnt, and the white steam burst out from the iron.

 When you tell them that you want a octopus cracker, they will start cooking right in front of you. They will take out the fresh octopus just captured and squash them on a hot plate. When it is done, they will you the cracker that is like a sheet of paper. At first, you may doubt such thin sheet of cracker is made from the actual octopuses. If you doubt it, you can peek and see how they are making it!

Then, you can just take a bite of the warm, fresh octopus cracker. It is very light and crispy. I’m sure you will enjoy its soft, delicious taste of the cracker that received the blessing of the ocean. If you go to Enoshima, you should definitely try this one because you cannot eat this anywhere else! It is also very healthy, because most of the material is simply, an octopus, which includes very less fat and much protein!


1-4−8 Enoshima, Fujisawa, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Tel: (+81) 466-23-1775





Before you go home, you have to go to the Sea Candle, the symbol tower of Shonan!

———–go!———-> The Sea Candle 

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